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PRISKA MEDAM is a diligent artist from Basel and creator of the art scene. As a gallery owner, she is a "jack of all-trades" in her own gallery and in various exhibition halls.

It is practicality that counts in reality. Priska Medam shows it with results. Her «Galerie zum Harnisch» in Allschwil near Basel realizes her own exhibition events and participates in regional, national and international art events, representing numerous artists.

As an artist, she creates works that refer to the cosmos of life. Similar to nature, her works reflect processes of growth and change, becoming and passing away.

In them we find graphic elements, shapes and colors, they relate to «foreground and background, silence and movement».

Medam's inexhaustible source is human life, she says. "As a sensitive observer, I develop new concepts with passion. Colors and forms arise from my deepest innermost, they visualize daydreams or apparent opposites.

Priska Medam participates with her own works in exhibitions in Switzerland (Basel, Geneva, Zurich), in Germany, in Cannes and Belgium as well as in the USA (New York and Miami).

Her works will be on display at international art fairs such as "Scope Basel" during Art Basel 2014, in Geneva at "Art by Genève Palexpo" 2011 and in the USA, in New York at "Artexpo New York" 2014 and in Miami the "Spectrum Miami Contemporary Art Show, Red Dot Miami" in December 2014 on the occasion of Art Basel Miami at the invitation of Gallery Artifact New York.

She is a peace painter at the Artisan International Festival Peace Festival in Cannes during the 2013 and 2014 film festivals and in New York in 2014. Also in Cannes in 2013, she starred in the World Peace Night with her own works at the Résidence Supérieur by Richard Nilsson »Representing the Jackson Foundation.

Also in 2018 and 2019, Priska Medam will be awarded a "Priska Medam thank you for agreeing to our NGO at the United Nations in Switzerland!" By the organizers of the "Artisan Festival" and was once again invited to participate in Cannes this year.

In the years 2015 to 2017 she is a very committed gallery owner and exhibition designer for other artists, she continues to expand and expand the activities of her gallery, leaving her little time as an artist. In 2017, she creates her "Collection Design 2017" as a designer.

From the beginning of the year 2018, she is again active as an artist and works on her current cycle "Digital Art - Sensual Composition", creates as a designer decorative digital art images for the design of private and business premises and some of her works on New Generation In Action's World Peace Initiative Cannes at the World Peace & Tolerance Gala during Festival de Cannes and is present with their GALLERY FOR HARNISH Switzerland ® at the 20th Art International Zurich 2018 with their new QUANTUM PHYSICS ART and their new art style PAINT OVER PAINT GLASSES.

Her art can be seen in her new gallery (on the moon) virtually in Monte-Carlo from September 2018 onwards.

In November 2018 she made the leap to Asia and she is represented by a renowned gallery in Tokyo and her art is presented at various international art fairs.