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I work in my own atelier in Strasbourg and give painting classes.
From June 2013 until March 2014 I worked part-time as an art teacher at Basel Art Room.
Originate from the tropical island of Mauritius, I have been
interested in drawing and painting since the age of 12. By the age of 17, works of great masters like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Carravagio, Rembrandt, and other painters from other art movements developed my fascination for human figures, colors, chiaroscuro and tempera. I joined the University of Mauritius in the year 1997 and obtained my B.A. honors in Fine Arts, with a specialization in sculpture in 2001.
In 2003 I decided to travel to London and seized the opportunity to visit museums
(Tate gallery) and other exhibitions which helped me a lot in my research as well as the art movement in Europe and around.
In 2005 I moved to France and joined the University Marc Bloch in Strasbourg for another degree in Arts, where I studied perspective and diverged myself towards landscapes, from conventional to abstract, adding perspective and human figures, creating imaginary abstract landscapes.
After all these years of research, I am still exploring « abstract imaginary
landscapes » and would like to continue in this field of work.


2007: Masters 1 Arts Plastiques
2006: Degree Arts Plastiques, University Marc Bloch, Strasbourg
1997 - 2001: B.A. Hons Fine Arts, Sculpture major, University of Mautitius
High School: Sookdeo Bissondoyal State Secondary School, Mauritius


June 2018 Galerie zum Harnisch c/o Swart Gallery Basel -Switzerland
May-October 2017 Hotel Kurhaus Kreuz – Mariastein- Switzerland
January 2016 Basel Art Center-Switzerland
August 2015 Basel Art Center - Switzerland
June 2015 Place des Arts - Strasbourg - France
Sept. – Oct. 2014 Werkstatt-Kaffee – Bad Säckingen - Germany
January 2014 Centrepoint Basel – Switzerland
March 2013 Place des Arts – Strasbourg - France
February 2013 Sara Leela Arts Gallery - Switzerland
December 2012 Atelier Ouvert - Strasbourg - France
November 2012 Place des Arts - Strasbourg - France
October 2012 Baden Baden - Germany
July 2012 Place des Arts - Strasbourg - France
June 2012 Kiosque des Arts - Strasbourg - France
May 2012 Place des Arts - Strasbourg - France
March 2012 Place des Arts - Strasbourg - France
July 2011 Art Square Gallery – Strasbourg - France
August 2010 Groupama – Strasbourg - France
April 2009 Galerie des Arcades – Vosges – France


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